Ron Howard Talks H.P. Lovecraft Project


Taking a break from his political films (Frost/Nixon) and Dan Brown adaptations, director Ron Howard is set to tackle The Strange Adventures of H.P. Lovecraft, based on the Image Comics title, for Universal and Imagine.

It’s a departure, for sure. And the Los Angeles Times sat down with Howard to talk about the project.

“It very cleverly uses H.P. Lovecraft in a fictional way, but there’s some loose biographical elements. But it certainly has the flavor and the tone of Lovecraft,” he says. “The character is a very young Lovecraft.” Mac Carter, the script’s co-writer, is adapting the property for film and Howard says he’s just waiting on a draft. “Look, it’s challenging, but if we get it right, it could be really original and psychologically interesting and scary in a great way. And it’s a graphic novel, this is new territory for me.”

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