‘Star Trek 3’ Handed Over to First Time Director


Roberto Orci directing Star Trek 3

This news does nothing for me as Paramount has decided to hand the keys to Star Trek 3 to a man that has never directed a single television episode or feature film… Roberto Orci. I have no idea what they are thinking, particularly considering Star Trek Into Darkness was a massive letdown compared to the first film and both of those were at least directed by someone with some experience behind the camera, but J.J. Abrams is off directing Star Wars: Episode VII so I guess they got the next best thing.

All Orci has experience doing is writing films like Star Trek Into Darkness, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, Cowboys & Aliens and The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Best of luck.

Considering it has become commonplace for blockbuster films to just exist rather than have any sense of directorial signature I guess I shouldn’t be shocked, but I guess if we wanted studios to take risks I can’t think of a better one than hiring someone that has never directed a blockbuster before and handing them millions and saying, “Have at it.” The budget for Into Darkness was $185 million, does Orci get the same green?

I can’t wait to see what safe, first timer approach Orci brings to this franchise. Sure, maybe he’ll surprise us. I doubt it, but I guess I have to leave the door open for the possibility. All I can say is I hope the production is shrouded in mystery only to “surprise” us with a big twist! Oh, I can’t wait! Is Spock Kirk’s father? Are Spock and Uhura actually related? So many questions.

Even better news, Orci is co-writing this one as well with J.D. Payne and Patrick McKay, the two fellas in charge of that Variety]