‘Mission: Impossible 5’ Goes with Video Game Scribe for Script Rewrite


call-of-dutyWill Staples might be one hell of a writer, I don’t know, but the idea of handing the fifth film in a major franchise to the guy most prominently known for writing the video games Need for Speed: Rivals and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 just seems like another piece of evidence proving Hollywood has given up when it comes to developing smart, character-driven blockbusters. Instead the goal is just big video game cut screens on the big screen so why not just hire the guy that writes them.

Staples will rewrite Drew Pearce‘s original draft of Mission: Impossible 5. Pearce’s big claim to fame is the Iron Man 3 screenplay, which gives good reason as to why it needs a little work, but how much work can Staples really do?

Director Christopher McQuarrie is currently tweeting during his location scouts for the movie. So how much Staples’ rewriting will have an overall effect on the film is beyond me. THR, who broke the story, doesn’t have any additional information, but maybe he’s just punching up the action sequences since I would think McQuarrie would do the work himself if it was an entire script overhaul.

Outside of video games, Staples does have a few projects set up at various studios, one attracting the attention of Ben Affleck, Myth at Fox and King of Heists with Jeremy Renner, but none are in production yet.

As for any other details relating to the film, there are no plot details just yet, but Tom Cruise will return as Ethan Hunt, Simon Pegg is also expected to return while Jessica Chastain has been rumored for a role. The film is currently slated for a December 25, 2015 release.