The Best Movies of 2014… So Far — One Third Complete


The Best Movies of 2014... So Far

I keep track of what I consider to be the Best Movies of the year on a regular basis (find my 2014 list here) so the films I consider to be the best of this year so far won’t be much of a surprise to anyone that checks that list out regularly as those are the movies most likely to be contenders for my year end top ten. That list, as it turns out, is not a long one as we’ve completed four months in 2014 and when it comes to movies worthy of being called the “best” there haven’t been too many options.

So far my list has four contenders, two of which I saw at last year’s Cannes Film Festival — Only Lovers Left Alive and Venus in Fur — and Venus is still awaiting a theatrical release stateside. to be released domestically.

The first new film I saw this year that became a contender was Wes Anderson‘s The Grand Budapest Hotel and just recently I added Steven Knight‘s Locke, and that does it when it comes to films I have any intention of returning to.

There are a few films I like, but simply aren’t good enough to call the “best”, which would include Under the Skin, the latter of which I don’t really care for all that much.

There has yet to be a satisfying blockbuster, but I’m hoping Godzilla remedies that and if we’re talking movies coming out this month, I’m excited to see James McAvoy in Filth one week after he plays Professor X in X-Men: Days of Future Past. Otherwise, I’ll be seeing Boyhood at the end of this week, which I feel is already one destined for my year end top ten… we’ll see.

How about you? What are the best movies you’ve seen so far this year? Share in the comments below and you can always stay up-to-date on what I consider to be the Best Movies in my dedicated section right here, also accessible from the navigation at the top of every page.