What I Watched, What You Watched #238


Delivery Man posterIronically enough, less than 24 hours after posting the Bradley Cooper as Indiana Jones rumor and falling in and out of sleep while watching, but I watched it and pretty much thought it was awful.

However, I can see how it might be good and the potential for a solid drama in there, which makes me want to see the original that much more. Delivery Man, however, is just so on-the-nose with its dialogue and every action seems telegraphed and obvious. None of it felt authentic as much as it felt like a plot device, attempting to manipulate the audience rather than take us along on the journey. I also wonder if the original has the silly debt plotline injected in there to give the film’s lead character another layer of conflict, as if learning you sired over 500 children and many of them now want to know your identity wasn’t enough.

Other than that, I already mentioned I watched The Wolf of Wall Street again and I’ll be writing up more on that as well as Criterion’s new Persona release as well as Anchorman 2 in the coming weeks. Right now I’m just finishing off my current vacation and will be back in full swing by this Tuesday.

For now, let’s hear what you watched this week in the comments below.