Amazon’s Cyber Monday 2013 Blu-ray and DVD Deals: Monday, December 2


Amazon Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2013 Deals

Well folks, the last chance to get major deals during Amazon’s 2013 Black Friday deals week has led to this, today is Cyber Monday 2013 and I have the schedule of DVD and Blu-ray deals that will be going live throughout the day below along with the other deals that have been featured throughout the week.

The deals today include some James Bond Blu-rays in Quantum of Solace and Skyfall, a Blu-ray of National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation and the deals close out with the Rambo: The Complete Collector’s Set Blu-ray collection. Other than that there are some television items, such as “The Tudors” complete series set, “Sherlock Holmes” complete collection, “Twin Peaks“, “The Good Wife” and “Rome“.

Outside of what’s below I am constantly updating my main page with the week’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals right here, and it will continue to update until the deals are done. Otherwise, start shopping.

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Cyber Monday, December 2

Deals starting at 10:20 am PT

Deals starting at 12:20 pm PT

Deals starting at 2:20 pm PT

Deals starting at 4:20 pm PT

Deals starting at 6:20 pm PT

Deals starting at 8:20 pm PT

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Once the time comes, click fast and get in on the deals.

NOTE: I’d like to thank you in advance for purchasing any of the deals listed below by clicking on the links on this site as all purchases at Amazon originating from help benefit the site. Happy shopping!