Bruckheimer Buys Haas’ Script Shake


Screenwriters Derek Haas and Michael Brandt are set to adapt Haas’ original short story, Shake, for Bruckheimer Films. The story was originally published last week on Haas’ website Popcorn Fiction.

Shake is a thriller centering on an FBI agent battling his own body and the elements while hunting down a killer.

“I wanted to create a place where short stories could flourish — the pulpy, genre kind that used to dominate popular magazines in the fifties. I commissioned a bunch of fantastic novelists and screenwriters to take a stab and I’ve been overwhelmed by the response so far. The stories have been excellent, which is why the site has gained popularity in Hollywood. The authors retain their copyright and reading the site will always be free. It’s all about the stories,” Haas said. “Derek had the vision that there could be another pipeline for ideas in Hollywood outside of remakes and comic books. It’s great to see this pay off,” added Brandt.