Box Office Actuals: Leaderboard Updated as ‘Gravity’ Adds to Its Opening Total


accuracy-104Gravity added another $200,000 to its opening weekend total bringing its October opening weekend record to $55.7 million. As far as the reader predictions are concerned it didn’t change anything as the highest prediction on the board within range was $55 million.

Runner Runner also notched a slightly higher result, but with only $7.7 million I don’t think there will be any bragging going on with that title even though its worldwide prospects were much higher.

This week we also had two limited release titles on the board in Metallica Through the Never, which actually added theaters, but in the end dropped 56.7% to $683,000 and Parkland opened with a thud in only 257 theaters, bringing in $310,246 for a $1,207 per theater average.

I’ve listed the current top ten for both leaderboards directly below, but you can see the full list of rankings right here and for the complete box office top ten and points awarded for this weekend specifically click here.

Points Leaderboard Top 10

  1. Athar (31 points)
  2. Shaun Heenan (24 points)
  3. Jack Tyler (22 points)
  4. Baca (21 points)
  5. rusty (21 points)
  6. CJohn (20 points)
  7. EPayneDDS (20 points)
  8. YeeHaa (20 points)
  9. cineJAB (19 points)
  10. G-Man (19 points)
  11. Ron Oneal Fresh (19 points)

Accuracy Leaderboard Top 10

  1. Matt Taylor (78.935% accuracy)
  2. crayc30 (78.62% accuracy)
  3. maja (78.601% accuracy)
  4. Exxdee13 (78.566% accuracy)
  5. Jack Tyler (78.519% accuracy)
  6. Arthur Carlson (78.242% accuracy)
  7. The Movie Guru (78.156% accuracy)
  8. Andrew13 (77.447% accuracy)
  9. YeeHaa (77.062% accuracy)
  10. CJohn (77.041% accuracy)

Again, you can find both full leaderboards right here.