Universal Hires New BioShock Director


Juan Carlos Fresnadillo (28 Weeks Later, Intacto) is in talks to direct BioShock, the Universal Pictures adaptation of the Take-Two Interactive video game, says Variety.

Gore Verbinski has stepped out of the directing slot, but remains the film’s producer through his Universal-based Blind Wink. John Logan wrote the script.

According to the trade, Verbinski opted out of directing because the studio’s budget plan for the film has been revamped to film abroad in order to take advantage of tax credits and favorable exchange rates. Verbinski couldn’t commit to an overseas shoot because he is locked into directing the Paramount animated film Rango.

BioShock unfolds as a deep and exciting adventure. Barely surviving a plane crash, the player lands in icy uncharted waters and discovers an undersea city called Rapture, a failed utopia whose citizens had embraced genetic engineering before the city descended into pure anarchy. Power and greed have run amok and the city has succumbed to civil war.