Answers to Can You Guess All The Movies? Take Three!


I can’t tell you how happy I am that I had to start giving clues before anyone got all the titles correct in this latest “Guess the Movies” game. It’s so much more fun when you all can’t get the movies right away and have to start working together and discussing each title. The dissension over whether or not #10 was Batman Begins or not was great all on its own, and just as great was the difficulty some had with #15 and #25 and how long it took to get #14.

That said, you can trust my next one will be even harder. This time around #13 was the big stumper, but my goal for the next one will be to have at least three that I need to give clues for before you’ll able to get them.

However, for now, let’s all give a hearty congratulations to André Marques who was the first to post all the correct answers, but at the same time congrats to everyone that participated. A couple I’d like to mention would be Tyler Rinne who was the first to get #3 correct, Jan Dzierzgowski for being the first to get #27, Mickey Hodges was the first to get #15, I think Matt Taylor was the first one to get #14 and then, over on Facebook, Jon was the first to get #13 after I posted a hi-res version of the image. Yet, congrats to all, it was clearly a team effort.

Now, if you want to browse the graphic before seeing the answers don’t scroll below the image below or just click here or on the picture for a larger look in another window. Otherwise, I have posted the answers just below the picture.

Thanks for participating!

Can You Guess All the Movies? Take Three!

  1. The Virgin Spring
  2. Safety Last!
  3. Stalker
  4. Birth of a Nation
  5. Shane
  6. Bicycle Thieves
  7. The Devil’s Backbone
  8. The Orphanage
  9. American Beauty
  10. Batman Begins
  11. Alice in Wonderland
  12. Cinema Paradiso
  13. Sideways
  14. Moulin Rouge!
  15. American Graffiti
  16. Elite Squad
  17. Volver
  18. Last of the Mohicans
  19. Friday the 13th
  20. The Sound of Music
  21. Manhattan
  22. Howl’s Moving Castle
  23. Control
  24. All That Jazz
  25. The Bourne Identity
  26. In the Mood for Love
  27. Prizzi’s Honor
  28. Total Recall
  29. The Sixth Sense
  30. Blow Up
  31. The Virgin Suicides
  32. About a Boy