2013 Toronto Film Festival Adds Midnight Madness, Vanguard, City to City and Documentary Selection


2013 Toronto Film Festival LineupThe 2013 Toronto Film Festival selection grew quite a bit today as the organizers announced the Midnight Madness, Documentary, Vanguard, City to City and Cinematheque selections for this year’s festival.

Among the title announced there aren’t exactly a ton of names that pop off the paper immediately. The Midnight Madness selection will open with Lucky McKee‘s All Cheerleaders Die in which a young girl who practices the dark arts turns on her best friend after she joins the cheer squad. However, I assume most attention will be on Eli Roth‘s The Green Inferno, a film in which a group of humanitarians go to the Amazon to help a native tribe only to have the tribe kidnap them and later learn their cannibalistic heritage is very much intact.

The Documentary selection includes plenty of familiar faces such as Marcel Ophüls, Claude Lanzmann and Errol Morris and Frank Pavich will be bringing Jodorowsky’s Dune, which premiered in Cannes this year.

The Vanguard selection includes the one title I’m probably most excited to see in Alexandre Aja‘s Horns starring Daniel Radcliffe and Juno Temple in which Radcliffe plays Ignatius Perrish as he awakens after a hard night of drinking to find he has grown a pair of horns. In addition to his devilish appearance, the horns cause people to fall into a trance and voice their most unspeakable thoughts, an effective tool in Ig’s quest to discover the truth of his girlfriend’s murder. Also among the Vanguard selection is Ti West‘s new film, The Sacrament starring Joe Swanberg, AJ Bowen, Kentucker Audley, Amy Seimetz and Gene Jones.

I have included all of the new additions directly below and also updated the complete 2013 Toronto Film Festival line-up right here.

The 38th Toronto International Film Festival runs from September 5 to 15, 2013 and I will be there through the 13th.

  • Afflicted (dir. Derek Lee and Clif Prowse) – Canada/USA
  • All Cheerleaders Die (dir. Lucky McKee and Chris Sivertson) – USA [Midnight Madness Opening Night Film]
  • Almost Human (dir. Joe Begos) – USA
  • The Green Inferno (dir. Eli Roth) – USA
  • Oculus (dir. Mike Flanagan) – USA
  • R100 (dir. Hitoshi Matsumoto) – Japan
  • Rigor Mortis (dir. Juno Mak) – Hong Kong
  • The Station (Blutgletscher) (dir. Marvin Kren) – Austria
  • Why Don’t You Play in Hell? (Jigoku de Naze Warui) (dir. Sion Sono) – Japan
  • A Story of Children and Film (dir. Mark Cousins) – United Kingdom
  • Ain’t Misbehavin’ (dir. Marcel Ophüls) – France
  • At Berkeley (dir. Frederick Wiseman) – USA
  • Beyond the Edge (dir. Leanne Pooley) – New Zealand
  • Burt’s Buzz (dir. Jody Shapiro) – Canada
  • The Dark Matter of Love (dir. Sarah McCarthy) – UK
  • The Dog (dir. Allison Berg and Frank Keraudren) – USA
  • Faith Connections (dir. Pan Nalin) – France/India
  • Filthy Gorgeous: The Bob Guccione Story (dir. Barry Avrich) – Canada
  • Finding Vivian Maier (dir. John Maloof and Charlie Siskel) – USA
  • Hi-Ho Mistahey! (dir. Alanis Obomsawin) – Canada
  • Ignasi (dir. M. Ventura Pons) – Spain
  • Jodorowsky’s Dune (dir. Frank Pavich) – USA
  • The Last of the Unjust (dir. Claude Lanzmann) – France/Austria
  • The Mayor Emiliano (dir. Altuna Fistolera) – Mexico
  • Midway (dir. Chris Jordan) – USA
  • Mission Congo (dir. David Turner and Lara Zizic) – USA
  • The Square (Al Midan) (dir. Jehane Noujaim) – Egypt/USA
  • Tim’s (dir. Vermeer Teller) – USA
  • The Unknown Known (dir. Errol Morris) – USA
  • Unstable Elements (dir. Madeleine Sackler) – USA
  • When Jews Were Funny (dir. Alan Zweig) – Canada
  • Blue Ruin (dir. Jeremy Saulnier) – USA
  • Borgman (dir. Alex van Warmerdam) – The Netherlands/Belgium/Denmark
  • Celestial Wives of the Meadow (dir. Mari Alexey Fedorchenko) – Russia
  • The Fake (dir. Yeon Sang-ho) – Korea
  • Horns (dir. Alexandre Aja) – USA
  • People In Places (Gente En Sitios) (dir. Juan Cavestany) – Spain
  • Proxy (dir. Zack Parker) – USA
  • The Sacrament (dir. Ti West) – USA
  • Sapi (dir. Brillante Mendoza) – Philippines
  • Sex, Drugs & Taxation (Spies & Glistrup) (dir. Christoffer Boe) – Denmark
  • Soul (dir. Chung Mong-Hong) – Taiwan
  • The Strange Color of Your Body’s Tears (dir. Hélène Cattet and Bruno Forzani) – Belgium/France/Luxembourg
  • Thou Gild’st the Even (dir. Onur Ãœnlü) – Turkey
  • We Gotta Get Out of This Place (dir. Simon Hawkins and Zeke Hawkins) – USA
  • An Autumn Afternoon (dir. Yasujiro Ozu) – Japan
  • Gun Crazy (dir. Joseph H. Lewis) – USA
  • Hiroshima mon amour (dir. Alain Resnais) – France/Japan
  • The Lovely Month of May (Le Joli Mai) (dir. Chris Marker and Pierre Lhomme) – France
  • Manila in the Claws of Light (Maynila: Sa Mga Kuko Ng Liwanag) (dir. Lino Brocka) – Philippines
  • Rome, Open City (Roma, città aperta) (dir. Roberto Rossellini) – Italy
  • Shivers (dir. David Cronenberg) – Canada
  • The Daughter (I Kori) (dir. Thanos Anastopoulos) – Greece
  • The Eternal Return of Antonis Paraskevas (I Aionia Epistrofi tou Antoni Paraskeua) (dir. Elina Psykou) – Greece
  • J.A.C.E. – Just Another Confused Elephant (dir. Menelaos Karamaghiolis) – Greece/FYROM/Portugal/Turkey
  • Miss Violence (dir. Alexandros Avranas) – Greece
  • September (dir. Penny Panayotopoulou) – Germany/Greece
  • Standing Aside, Watching (Na Kathese ke na Kitas) (dir. Yorgos Servetas) – Greece
  • To the Wolf (Sto Lyko) (dir. Aran Hughes and Christina Koutsospyrou) – Greece/United Kingdom
  • Unfair World (Adikos Kosmos) (dir. Filippos Tsitos) – Greece/Germany
  • Wasted Youth (dir. Argyris Papadimitropoulos and Jan Vogel) – Greece
  • Wild Duck (dir. Yannis Sakaridis) – Greece