Lois Will Know Clark is Superman in ‘Man of Steel’ Sequel


Amy Adams, Henry Cavill and Antje Traue in Man of Steel

Amy Adams, Henry Cavill and Antje Traue in Man of Steel
Photo: Warner Bros.

I’m trying to remember if there’s a moment in Man of Steel where Superman (Henry Cavill) has a conversation with Perry White (Laurence Fishburne) that would suggest White would be able to recognize Clark Kent as Superman. I could understand Harry Lennix as General Swanwick not making the connection since their relationship won’t exactly be a day-to-day thing, but it will be harder to convince audiences that White is that clueless once the sequel rolls around. Then there’s Lois Lane…

Whether it’s called Batman vs. Superman or Man of Steel 2, I’m pretty sure we all expect the next Superman film to stray from the idea Lois Lane (Amy Adams) could fall for Superman and not realize he is also Clark Kent and the ending of Man of Steel suggests as much, and Henry Cavill spoke with io9 about the future of the relationship and here’s what he said:

“I think it’s essential [Lois know Clark is Superman] because if we’re trying to base it in reality, there’s no way that Lois has these direct interactions with Superman, and then doesn’t recognize Clark sitting next to her in the office. If she falls in love with Superman, and she’s ignoring a guy who looks just like Superman, behaves just like him, and has the same kind of mannerisms and behavior, then what does that say about Lois? I like this relationship. She saves him just as much as he saves her.”

This already is great news as the film won’t have to get bogged down in such silliness.