What are You Watching This Weekend?


cirque-oWell, I’m in Las Vegas so I won’t be watching any movies this weekend. Last night I did see Cirque du Soliel’s “O” at the Bellagio, which was quite entertaining, but we don’t have any movies on the itinerary so I’m going to have to leave the discussion up to you this week.

The Wolverine is in theaters and Blue Jasmine is hitting theaters in New York and Los Angeles while The Conjuring is entering its second weekend at the box office and looking to continue on its massive opening last weekend.

I also hope some of you seek out Fruitvale Station and The Way, Way Back as both are expanding into 1,064 and 886 theaters nationwide respectively. Both are worth a trip to the cinema.

Other than that, I’m all ears (or eyes considering this is the Internet), what are you watching this weekend?

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