Little Fockers Starts Casting!


Even though screenwriter/director John Hamburg didn’t have much he could tell us about the comedy threequel Little Fockers when we spoke to him a few weeks back, including whether it might start shooting soon, director Paul Weitz and Universal are certainly moving full steam ahead it seems.

The blog Spoiler TV has gotten their hands on a casting call that includes five auxiliary characters for the movie, most of them with only a few lines, and a description of some of the things that take place in the movie involving them.

The “Henry” mentioned might be one of the twins had by Ben Stiller’s Greg Focker with Teri Polo’s Pam, and the fact they’re casting a Russian girlfriend for Owen Wilson’s Kevin confirms that he is indeed coming back as previously reported. There’s also a medical conference and one of the characters they’re casting will be getting an enema. Fun!

You can read the full descriptions below and hey, if you fit any of the parts, maybe you can find out where they’re holding auditions and go be in the movie!

[TOUGH KID] 7 yrs old, he teases Henry for peeing his pants, gets in Greg’s face when he threatens him…2 lines, 1 scene

[[RUFUS] Tough 5 yr old who takes Henry’s tricycle, runs him over, but then gets knocked off the bike by Samantha…1 line, 1 scene NEED LEGAL 6 TO PLAY 5 YRS OLD

[SVETLANA] Kevin’s hot, bikini-clad Russian girlfriend…6 lines, 2 scenes SPEAKS WITH A RUSSIAN ACCENT

[DR. PATEL] An Indian/South Asian doctor at the medical conference…1 line, 1 scene

[MR. ANDROVSKY] 50’s, overweight, diabetic patient getting an enema from Louis…3 lines, 1 scene