‘Prometheus 2’ Moves Forward with New Screenwriter


Noomi Rapace in Prometheus
Noomi Rapace in Prometheus
Photo: 20th Century Fox

Fans won’t have Damon Lindelof to kick around should Prometheus 2 ever see the light of day as 20th Century Fox has reached out to Jack Paglen to take a stab at writing the screenplay for the follow-up to one of 2012’s most talked about, yet divisive films.

The motivation here seems rather obvious as Paglen wrote the screenplay for Transcendence the feature film debut of Wally Pfister, Oscar-winning cinematographer of Christopher Nolan‘s Inception. Transcendence is a sci-fi film set for a mid-April 2014 release and should it prove successful, attaching the name of a proven sci-fi writer will certainly help sell tickets for the Prometheus sequel should audiences have their doubts about returning to that world.

All I wonder at this point is whether or not they reached out to Jon Spaihts who wrote the original draft of Prometheus or have they abandoned the all out Alien prequel idea and have to follow the trajectory set forth. Spaihts seemed to have a pretty good handle on how to connect his screenplay to Ridley Scott‘s original Alien film and I’m not sure any of us really need to explore the origin of the universe thread the original opened. Maybe it’s best left leaving the questions the first film asked entirely unanswered?

Prometheus (spoiler alert) ended with Noomi Rapace‘s Shaw character flying off to seek out the Engineers’ home world in yet another attempt to “meet our makers”. Excited? [The Wrap]

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