Cannes 2013: First Clip from Alexander Payne’s ‘Nebraska’


Will Forte and Stacy Keach in Nebraska

Will Forte and Stacy Keach in Nebraska
Photo: Paramount Vantage

If I hadn’t been around, you might not even be here. This first clip from Alexander Payne‘s Nebraska, let’s just call it “Ed”, gives you a pretty good idea of what kind of moments the film will entail.

The story follows Woody (Bruce Bern), an aging alcoholic father who thinks he’s won a million dollar Publisher’s Clearing House sweepstakes prize. His family tries to dissuade him from making the long trip from Montana to Nebraska to claim in his winnings, but when he insists his estranged son David (Will Forte) goes along for the ride to keep him out of trouble, providing an opportunity to bond with his father after years of separation.

In the clip, Stacy Keach plays Ed and he appears to be throwing a wrench in the works. We also can note Woody has a bandage on the top of his head, which alludes to some sort of shenanigans earlier in the story.

Following its Cannes premiere on Thursday, May 23, I expect it will show up in either Telluride or Toronto before Paramount Vantage releases it in theaters on November 22.

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