Adrian Askarieh Has Just Cause


Adrian Askarieh, who paired up with Eidos Interactive to set up Hitman at Fox and Kane & Lynch at Lionsgate, has landed the rights to adapt the video game publisher’s “Just Cause” for the big screen.

The game revolves around missions carried out by a deadly CIA black ops assassin code-named the Scorpion, who specializes in regime changes while battling pirates, mercenaries and rogue agents.

Developers have described the Scorpion as a mix of Jason Bourne, James Bond, Wolverine and Rambo, with a touch of Enrique Iglesias.

Eidos is no stranger to Hollywood, having already produced two pics based on its “Tomb Raider” franchise. It’s looking to reboot the property with Warner Bros.-based producer Dan Lin.

“Just Cause” was released in 2006 and a sequel will be hitting stores next spring. You can watch the trailer for “Just Cause 2” here!