Hasbro’s Brian Goldner Talks Movie Adaptations


Collider got a chance to talk with Hasbro President and Chief Executive Officer Brian Goldner about the movie adaptations of the company’s products, such as Monopoly, Battleship, Candy Land, Stretch Armstrong, and more. Here’s a bit on Monopoly:

What’s your take on “Monopoly”?

Goldner: “Monopoly” has this wonderful history. If you’ll remember, “Monopoly” was literally invented at The [Great] Depression, so that idea, this fiction that’s really there, this non-fiction fiction that’s really there in the game and in the fact that there’s such great roots to this brand and the history of the brand, we bring this to life with a story
about families.

With “Monopoly”, did Ridley Scott come to you with an idea or did you come to him?

Goldner: Well Ridley did have an idea. He grew up on “Monopoly” over in the UK and “Monopoly” is a brand that’s all over the world. But for Ridley, he’s always been a guy that’s created these great big worlds and so for us, “Monopoly” is this great big world that will look like our world but of course there are certain things about it that make it uniquely a “Monopoly” kind-of-world.

You can watch the full video interview here!