‘Evil Dead’ Tops Box Office, but Fails to Impress Audiences

Evil Dead box office resultsThe #1 film in America is the Evil Dead remake, but it clearly hit a few snags after a strong $11.9 million opening on Friday. The film failed to impress opening night audiences, scoring a C+ CinemaScore, resulting in a 26% drop from Friday to Saturday and an overall $26 million weekend. With a $17 million budget this isn’t exactly danger territory, but if there are still plans for more films in the franchise then perhaps there is cause for concern.

In second place was G.I. Joe: Retaliation, which added an additional $21.1 million to its total including another $40.2m overseas, bringing its worldwide tally to over $231 million.

The only other film opening in wide release this weekend was the 3D re-release of Jurassic Park, which brought in $18.2 million.

Looking over Laremy’s predictions from Thursday, he overshot the Evil Dead results by $6 million, but had audiences liked it a bit more he may have been spot on. His Jurassic Park prediction was only a million shy. Where he was a little wider off was with the holdovers, underselling both G.I. Joe and The Croods by $5 million.

In the reader predictions, coltonhaynes22 almost nailed Evil Dead‘s result with a $25.5 million prediction and the predictions surrounding Jurassic Park 3D were, for the most part, quite similar though G-Man came through closest with an $18 million prediction.

In other news, Shane Caruth‘s Upstream Color, which the multi-hyphenate is self-releasing, brought in an estimated $31,500 from one theater this weekend and also set a pre-sale record for any film opening on one screen at New York’s IFC Center. The film will open in select markets next weekend, including Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Seattle, Boston and Toronto, before expanding to the top 50 markets on April 19.

The best per theater average of the weekend, however, belongs to Danny Boyle‘s Trance, which played in four theaters and brought in $136,000 for a $34,025 per theater average. Trance goes wide next weekend.

Additionally, Robert Redford’s The Company You Keep brought in $146,000 from five theaters, The Place Beyond the Pines added 26 theaters to a total of 30 and brought in $695,040 and The Sapphires continues rather strong in limited release (60 theaters) and brought in an additional $322,000.

Based on the day-to-day performance of Evil Dead, its holdover possibilities seem weak as next weekend sees 42 and Scary Movie 5 coming to theaters alongside limited releases of Disconnect, Antiviral and Terrence Malick‘s To the Wonder.

The weekend top ten is listed directly below and you can click here to compare the weekend numbers to Laremy’s predictions.

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