What I Watched, What You Watched #188


evil-dead-red-band-featThis was one of the busiest movie-going weeks I’ve had in some time, catching five movies in three days. Three of those movies I’ve already either reviewed or commented on — Upstream Color. I have more on Upstream Color on the way, but more on that soon enough.

The two other films were Before Midnight, which I don’t believe I’m embargoed on, but I’m not going to review it until closer to its release date, alongside a minimum of three great features, and the other was Disconnect, which I also responded to favorably.

After that I caught the first episode of “Hannibal”, which I’ve also embedded at the bottom of this post and plan on writing about at the beginning of the week. I will say, though, I was impressed though have some reservations. Give it a watch and join the conversation when I post the story.

In addition to that I caught bits and pieces of TRON: Legacy, The Other Guys (Desk pop!) and Knight & Day on FX this weekend while waiting to watch the Final Four. One thing was clear about all three — movies are almost always better at home, particularly the mediocre ones.

Now, I actually like The Other Guys and even Knight & Day, but TRON: Legacy isn’t very good and yet at home, sitting in my living room chair, it was perfectly acceptable entertainment. This doesn’t make it a good movie, but there’s a lot to be said for comfort changing your mood and, let’s face it, today’s multiplex theaters are hardly interested in your comfort and/or experience watching a movie.

Otherwise, the rest is up to you. What did you watch this week? I still haven’t watched the first episode of Season Three of “Game of Thrones” and think I’m just going to wait until all ten are available and take care of ’em in one weekend.

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