Nolan, ‘Justice League’, Bale, Batman… Oh My!


Christian Bale / Christopher Nolan / Justice LeagueSo the new rumor rolling around the mill is that Christopher Nolan will produce the Justice League movie for Warner Bros. with Man of Steel director Zack Snyder also producing and possibly directing. And the final nail in the scenario is that Christian Bale would reprise his role as Bruce Wayne and Batman.

Of course, if you’re a fanboy of any respectable standing, your mind if reeling right now. Such a scenario is like a dream come true, but then you stop and read it again and realize all this means is Snyder would possibly direct Bale in a Justice League movie. Snyder’s best output to date is his Dawn of the Dead remake, with 300 serving as a green screen experiment that isn’t necessarily good, but is still entertaining if you’re in the right mood. But Watchmen and Sucker Punch didn’t do much for his credibility.

However, the lone early review out of a test screening of Man of Steel suggests Snyder has made something great and he’s done so with Nolan producing. If the Warner Bros. brass like what they see and are hearing and are able to keep things moving along and able to do so by keeping Bale as Batman then they really have something on their hands.

The rumor I mention in the opening paragraph comes from Latino Review and when it comes to this kind of rumor I’m likely to believe them more than I believe most. They’ve sort of staked their fanboy reputation on such rumors and tend to vet their sources well. This isn’t to say this rumor is likely to come true, but that I believe there is truth behind it.

One question I have, and maybe comic readers can help me out here, is there any reason they simply couldn’t do a Batman and Superman teaming with Bale and Henry Cavill for the first Justice League movie and just hint at the Wonder Woman, Flash, Green Lantern and other characters instead of unloading all of them on us at once? To me that sounds like the smartest direction to go.

Man of Steel hits theaters on June 14.