Hey Oscar, Here’s 50 Years of Bond


Shirley Bassey at the 2013 Oscars

Shirley Bassey at the 2013 Oscars
Photo: AMPAS

The 50 Years of Bond segment at the 2013 Oscars left most of us wanting and what confused me more than anything was the decision to have Adele sing “Skyfall” later in the show, a move clearly done to keep people watching, but do you really want your show to suffer as a result? The decision was to go with a series of clips and music and end with Shirley Bassey singing “Goldfinger“. I can understand the want to honor the classic Bond, but couldn’t the montage handle that?

Today a tribute to 50 Years of James Bond has come online from Kees van Dijkhuizen Jr. that manages to celebrate all 50 years, set exclusively to Adele’s “Skyfall”. It runs four minutes and had all four minutes somehow managed to use snippets of all the classic Bond songs, ultimately leading up to Adele walking out to sing her Oscar-nominated, and ultimately Oscar-winning, song, wouldn’t that have brought the house down? [The Playlist]