Google’s Impact is Felt in First Poster for ‘The Internship’


Over the weekend I premiered the The Internship, reteaming Wedding Crashers stars Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson and in the image the Google logo was clearly visible, and considering it’s a film centered on a pair of salesmen that find themselves obsolete in the digital age it made sense. But now it appears Google will in fact be featured rather prominently in the film.

To the right is a video featuring the cast on set while filming on the Google campus where a chunk of the film was shot and below is the first poster. The Google impact is quite evident in the titling.

While the video stresses Google did not fund the picture it will be interesting the closer we get to the film’s June 7 release what kind of exposure it will have on the search giant’s network. The video even touches on potential marketing ideas already discussed.

The Internship poster

[via The Playlist]