What I Watched, What You Watched #180


Top Gun 3D IMAX tickets

It was a busy, busy week of movie watching for me. It began with a second viewing of Side Effects on Monday (read my review here), a screening of Identity Thief on Tuesday (read my review here), a screening of Beautiful Creatures on Wednesday, a screening of Safe Haven on Thursday and last night, as the picture above indicates, I caught a screening of Top Gun in 3D in IMAX. The Top Gun screening was fantastic.

Now first off, the IMAX screen I saw Top Gun on wasn’t the traditional 60′ x 80′ screen, it was the local Pacific Science Center’s PACCAR IMAX screen, which is 35′ x 60′ screen. So, no, it wasn’t the complete IMAX setting, but the great thing about this screen as compared to a traditional multiplex, faux IMAX presentation is the intimacy of the seating. They have you as close to the screen as possible and it feels like a legitimate IMAX screening with superior sound. The theater was recently renovated and once Harold Faltermeyer’s Top Gun anthem came on the crowd of about 200 cheered.

One guy in our audience was wearing aviators and a MiG helmet with a little red star dead center. Everyone was enjoying themselves, laughing at the more ridiculous moments and there was a young boy sitting behind us whose parents forced him to cover his eyes during the sex scene… or is it more accurate to call it the licking scene? Either way, it was fantastic.

In addition to my theater trips, I also watched The Magnificent Ambersons, which I already discussed this will help.

Other than that, it’s your turn… what did you watch this week? Hopefully many of you will tell me Side Effects.