Even ‘Olympus Has Fallen’ Gets Character Posters and They’re AWESOME!


You know how character posters for movies work right? If you’re a good little movie blogger you will create separate posts for each one and you will get new pageviews for each poster. For example, and we’ll just keep the numbers simple, if you get 10 views for the first poster you are likely to get 10 views for each subsequent poster if not more. You know, because these things catch on.

In the case of these three character posters for Olympus Has Fallen that means 30+ pageviews as opposed to just ten for posting all three at once… like I’m doing. Yes, I’m bad at my job. Advertisers hate me.

Now, the studios like this as well because that means you’ll post one poster on Tuesday, another on Wednesday and then another on Thursday, which means three straight days of free advertising, leading up to the final poster, which I’m sure will look something like the quick mock-up I created and placed at the bottom of this post. You see, everyone wins! Except you, of course, but the reader is hardly a cause for concern… right?

That said, here are three character posters for Olympus Has Fallen, the first of two films based on terrorizing the White House this year.

Oh, and I’m sorry, the headline was misleading… they aren’t good posters at all, but they do have FIRE!