Nine Minute Featurette on the ‘Django Unchained’ Screenplay


Can Quentin Tarantino‘s screenplay for Django Unchained beat out Mark Boal’s for Zero Dark Thirty and Wes Anderson’s for Moonrise Kingdom? If I was to pull for one over the other I would definitely love to see Tarantino get a nod if only because I loved the film, but I would just as excited to see Anderson step up on stage to accept his first Oscar win. After all, Tarantino does have one already…

That said, today the Weinstein Co. has brought online a little For Your Consideration featurette taking a look at the screenplay for Django. Perhaps this is just phase one of Harvey’s plan to get the film some recognition after admitting he botched the pre-nomination awards campaign for the film telling Deadline, “I delayed [sending screeners]. I wanted people to see it on the big screen. I told Quentin we’d probably pay the price at the Oscars, but it was the right way to see an epic period movie about a man who does not give up. Eventually, we gave out the DVDs but we paid the price for being late.”

Django ultimately scored five Oscar nominations, including Best Picture, and while I think we all know that award is out of reach, Best Original Screenplay is still in play. Tarantino lost to Boal for The Hurt Locker the last time around, will it happen two times in a row?

Check out the featurette below, it’s pretty good. You can also see my current predictions in the category right here and if you haven’t done so yet, you can download the screenplay for free right here.

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