Seriously? Standalone ‘Star Wars’ Movie Focus On Yoda It Will?


YodaIt’s almost become just as annoying to complain about Star Wars as it is to champion it, but in an industry where if you aren’t talking about the latest “big story” you’re considered out of the loop. So what is there to do but let your opinion be known? Ignore it? Yeah right…

There is hardly any middle ground when it comes to the demise of the once loved sci-fi saga that resulted into three lackluster prequels and endless marketing tie-ins selling lunchboxes and stickers for your Trapper Keeper. George Lucas has made it equally hard for fans of the original trilogy to go on loving them as they once did with “special editions” that only proved to mangle the original vision into something of an ugly stepchild all these years later.

Now, Lucasfilm and the saga are in the hands of Disney and Michael Arndt is writing a screenplay for Star Wars: Episode VII, which J.J. Abrams will direct, but the Mouse House won’t stop there. No, there will be spin-offs and standalone character films and we have the rumored focus of the first of those standalone films… Yoda.

Yes, the little Jedi master we first met in the Dagobah swamps back in 1980 is going to get his own film according to Ain’t It Cool News. Can the possibility of an entire film with Yoda speaking his backwards self-confirming dialogue be appealing to anyone or is this more or less just more Jar-Jar Binks?

The opening to each and every Star Wars film begins with “A Long Time Ago in a Galaxy Far, Far Away…” That word “galaxy” and the number of planets and systems mentioned in the saga suggest there is more to focus on than only the characters we know so far. Is it so hard to come up with new stories and characters, or must we honestly tell a story about a tiny creature that waddles and/or jumps around like a crazy person?

Odds are, this is just a feeler story dropped off at AICN to get the Internet talking. I don’t see this happening for a second… Primarily because it sounds like such a terrible idea. I know we would all like to say something along the lines of, “But what if great story they have?!?!?!” Then we think about it for a second and remember we’re talking about a whole movie centered on Yoda and shock ourselves back into coherency.