‘Peter Pan’, ‘Flight’, ‘House of Cards’ and ‘Alex Cross’ are On DVD and Blu-ray This Week


This Week On DVD and Blu-ray: February 5, 2013

Peter Pan (Diamond Edition)
Peter Pan (Diamond Edition) on DVD Blu-ray today
Disney is releasing their classic animated adaptation of Peter Pan on Blu-ray this week and looking over the complete selection of titles hitting shelves today this really looks to be the best of the lot. Granted, Criterion has The Ballad of Narayama coming out and the next title does interest me, but overall this is just not a week to be buying movies.

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House of Cards Trilogy: The Original UK Series
Along with releasing the new miniseries “House of Cards” on Netflix Instant last Friday, Netflix also has the complete original BBC adaptation streaming online. So why would you spend money to buy the Blu-ray edtion? I really don’t know, but it’s coming out and I’ve heard it’s great. So if you can find the time, maybe stroll on over to Netflix and add it to your queue as well or if you have deep pockets purchase it.

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Flight on DVD Blu-ray today
I can’t imagine what would compel someone to purchase this movie. Even if you think Denzel Washington gives one of the greatest performances of his career, why would you want to watch this movie a second time and especially why a third?

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Side by Side
Of the titles I’ve seen that are coming out this week, this is certainly one of the best, but I continue to say the only documentary I have ever seen that is probably worth buying is Criterion’s release of Crumb ([amazon asin=”B003N2CVP4″ text=”buy it here”] and read my review here). Otherwise, I’m of the one-and-done variety when it comes to docs, even when they’re as good as this one.

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Celeste and Jesse Forever
Celeste and Jesse Forever on DVD Blu-ray today
I like Andy Samberg and Rashinda Jones and yet I have no interest in seeing this movie, which itself doesn’t look all that bad.

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Alex Cross
Alex Cross on DVD Blu-ray today
The last time I mentioned Alex Cross was when I named it in my Top Ten Worst Movies of 2012. With any luck this will be the last time I mention it ever.

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Here Comes the Boom
Here Comes the Boom on DVD Blu-ray today
This movie wasn’t particularly well reviewed, but I didn’t get the impression those that gave it a bad review didn’t necessarily despise it as seems to be the case with most of Kevin James’ work. That doesn’t mean you should rush out to support something just because it isn’t terrible, but I guess it’s a win in some form or another.

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A Late Quartet
I saw this on in Toronto last year and actually had high hopes going in. Unfortunately, it sort of abandons the whole quartet aspect and focuses more on soap opera-esque drama. You can read my full review here.

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