YOUR TURN: Nominate Ten Films for Best Picture of 2012

UPDATE: The first round of voting has completed. The final round will begin on Monday, February 4 where you will vote for five films out of the top fifty to determine the top ten films of 2012.

I’ve listed my Top Ten Movies of 2012 and many of you shared yours already, but now it’s time to take a collective look at all the films of 2012 and see which ones come out on top. We often give the Academy a hard time for the films they nominate so let’s see how things work out when we’re the ones voting.

Right now Argo is killing it on the awards circuit while fans of Lincoln and Silver Linings Playbook continue to hold out hope something may turn around. While those three films get all of our attention, as you will see from the list of films below, there were plenty more films released in 2012 than just the three topping the awards chatter right now.

A trip over to IMDb’s Top 250 has such 2012 films as Django Unchained, The Dark Knight Rises, The Avengers, The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, Life of Pi, The Perks of Being a Wallflower, Argo and Silver Linings Playbook making that list. My top ten also included Lincoln, Magic Mike, Moonrise Kingdom, End of Watch, Killing Them Softly, Rust and Bone and Zero Dark Thirty, but that still remains just a small sampling of what the year had to offer.

I have gone through a list of all the movies released in 2012 and cut it down to 296 and it is your job to vote for ten of those 296. I will keep this first round of voting open until Thursday, January 31, after which the top 50 movies will move on to round two. Round two will take place the week of February 4.

Now, there are a few specific rules to pay attention to and I’m sure people will still try and game the system and vote for fewer than ten films, but don’t worry, I got that taken care of…

  • You must vote for no fewer than eight films and can vote for no more than ten.
  • Voting for fewer than eight films will result in having your votes DELETED. No exceptions.
  • First round voting will be left open through Thursday, January 31. The top 50 films will move on to the second round.*
  • On Monday, February 4, the second and final round of voting will take place to come up with a top ten list of 2012 as voted on by you.

Now, it’s time to vote for your favorite ten from the 296 films listed below. If you have a Facebook or Twitter account be sure to share this poll with others. It would be great to get the widest range of opinions possible. Now get to voting!

NOTE: Be sure you vote for at least eight movies and keep track of how many you’ve voted for. Even voting for only seven will cause your votes to be deleted. PAY ATTENTION TO THE RULES.

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* If there are films tied for the 50th slot all films tied will be carried over into the final round.

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