Tarantino’s Next May be a Smaller, ‘Jackie Brown’-esque Movie

Quentin TarantinoAny time Quentin Tarantino gets to talking about what he’s going to do next you can expect a variety of answers. So far during his Django Unchained press tour there has been rumblings of a ’30s gangster film as well as a film called Killer Crow, which would complete a loose trilogy alongside Django and Inglourious Basterds (read more about that here). Well, now it’s time to add a third possibility to the mix.

Speaking with the French outlet Les In Rocks saying, “[I have] a vague idea [what my next will be]. A ‘smaller’ film than Django Unchained, in the vein of Jackie Brown.”

It’s an interesting quote because that could still mean anything, it’s not as if Jackie Brown was necessarily “small”. For Tarantino to go from making Django to a Jackie Brown-sized film is not the same thing as Michael Bay going from Transformers: Dark of the Moon to his next film Pain and Gain. This could very easily be that ’30s gangster film, but then again, I think I’m just hoping that’s what it is.

And on a side note, there is always talk of how Tarantino’s characters and films are connected from one film to the next. Well, a Reddit user was able to find one connection between Django and Pulp Fiction. As it turns out, Christopher Walken‘s character, Captain Koons, from Pulp is a descendant of Crazy Craig Koons, a member of the Smitty Bacall gang, in Django. Here’s the image that was uploaded to Reddit:

Pulp Fiction and Django Unchained connection

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