The First Poster for the 2013 Oscars Features… Seth MacFarlane


The Academy is certainly pulling out all the stops when it comes to targeting a younger demographic as the first poster for the 2013 Oscars has been released and it features none other than the show’s host, Seth MacFarlane. Strangely, MacFarlane isn’t necessarily known for his face as much as he is for his voices on “Family Guy” and as the writer/director of Ted. I wonder, would the average person even know who this is if you stopped them on the street and asked them?

Previous posters have featured the show’s host, such as the 2010 poster featuring hosts Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin, but people know them by face much easier than MacFarlane… right?

Check out the poster below, the Oscars take place on Sunday, February 24. You can check out all the nominees right here and my current winner predictions here.

2013 Oscars poster