What I Watched, What You Watched #175

The West Wing / Two-Lane BlacktopI mentioned it the last couple of weeks, and I’m still watching “The West Wing” as I finished the first season this week and am already eight episodes into the second. I first started watching “West Wing” when Warner Home Video sent me the second season to review back in 2004. I was new to all of this, having started the site in 2003, and was working two jobs at the time. Seeing how I wasn’t being sent much to review in the way of DVDs at the time I decided to watch it.

Snow had shut down where I worked for a couple of days so I plowed (pun intended) through the entire second season, absolutely loving every minute of it and watching it now for the first time since then, I am loving it all over again. I don’t believe, back in 2004, I realized it was an Aaron Sorkin creation. In fact, back then I am not even sure I paid close enough attention to even really know who Aaron Sorkin was, despite loving A Few Good Men and enjoying The American President.

Unfortunately the review I wrote for that season is no longer available. Upgrades to the site have caused a few things to be lost, but I’m quite sure it probably wasn’t all that well written.

The only other thing I watched was Criterion’s upcoming Blu-ray release of Monte Hellman‘s Two-Lane Blacktop, which is excellent and I will have a review for you, hopefully, Monday, but certainly no later than Tuesday. I still have a few features to watch.

Other than that, tomorrow will be my first screening of the new year with Gangster Squad, which will serve as the first review of 2013. But now it’s your turn, what did you watch this week? I assume some of you were able to go see Zero Dark Thirty as it had a small expansion this weekend, but did any of you go see Texas Chainsaw 3D? Was it any good? Speak up in the comments below.

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