The First 2013 Oscar Nominee is Sharen Davis for ‘Django Unchained’ Costumes… Or is It?

2013 Oscars / Django Unchained CostumesI feel sorry for whomever was responsible for accidentally posting the page you see to the right on the official site for the Oscars, but it would appear Sharen Davis (Dreamgirls, Ray) may be earning her third Oscar nomination for Costume Design for her work on Quentin Tarantino‘s Django Unchained. Looking at my predictions for the category, I have Davis getting in, so should she get a nom I wouldn’t be too surprised.

Vanity Fair stumbled upon the page you see screen captured here suggesting Davis had earned her third nomination with text that read, “This is the third Academy Award nomination for Sharen Davis. She was previously nominated for Dreamgirls (2006) and Ray (2004).” The error has since been corrected.

Of course, with Oscar nomination polls closing in less than two hours at 5 PM PST, this could simply be a situation where interns at the Academy are prepping the site for any potential nomination and accidentally set one of the placeholder pages live. Davis is certainly a contender for Best Costumes and the Academy would be smart to prep a page should her name be called Thursday morning when the nominations are announced, but I wouldn’t think any actual results are in.

For now, I suspect, this was an error, but should Davis get a nomination you better believe people will begin to ask just how those nominations are tabulated, even if the speculation is unfounded and all based on an innocent mistake.

I am, however, a bit confused as to when the error took place as Vanity Fair found the time to get in touch with Davis, discuss her work in the film — in which she says many of the characters she created costumes for never made it into the movie — and put together a 22 picture gallery to accompany the article. It all seems a bit sketchy to me, but it is what it is, which is… I don’t know.

You can check out a few of Davis’ costume sketches below.





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