An Update On the RopeofSilicon Movie Club for January 2013


RopeofSilicon Movie Club

Back in click here for my review of the Blu-ray from 2009 and we can discuss. I’m game if you are.

This brings me to the idea of the Movie Club overall. First off, I am shifting the schedule again and I may even shift it some more after that. As of now, The Conversation will be discussed on January 30 and The Great Silence on February 27. I’m sure some of you are thinking I should just give up on the idea altogether, but I actually like the feature too much to give up altogether. I simply didn’t account for how busy I would be during the holidays and awards season to give it the attention it deserves. However, that isn’t to say I don’t recognize there are some problems and I read through all your comments on the last update and have been trying to come up with a solution as to how we can keep this going and keep it lively.

db-cronosFor starters, I do believe doing a Club installment once a week was too frequent as some of you said. I also think it would be more interesting if the selections were more topical to the films being released each month. For instance, with the release of the Guillermo del Toro-produced Mama this month it would be fun to explore The Devil’s Backbone and Cronos and perhaps I could instigate installments in that fashion, by simply announcing them in advance. We could have taken a look at Tobe Hooper’s original Texas Chain Saw Massacre as well.

This also plays into another suggestion, which is to have a theme for any particular month. For example, February is the month for the Oscars, perhaps looking back at a particular closely matched year and rewatching the five Best Picture nominees and holding a vote would be a fun exercise and discussion. I could write an article after I watched each and at the end of the month offer up discussion on which one “should have” won the Oscar versus which one did.

Someone suggested watching really bad movies, perhaps setting up a live blog to sit down and have all of us get together and watch a terrible movie together would be fun. We could all sit around and watch Battlefield Earth or Plan 9 from Outer Space.

April delivers the Evil Dead remake and perhaps a week looking at all the previous Evil Dead films with Bruce Campbell would be fun to discuss. Shane Carruth‘s Upstream Color comes out that month as well and who could pass up another look at Primer?

May is The Great Gatsby, have you seen the original? Star Trek into Darkness will be released as well and I’m not against revisiting the previous films in that franchise (original cast only that is). As was suggested, I could do the same in February when A Good Day to Die Hard is released.

I saw ideas to dedicate certain months to directors or a particular genre, which I think is a great idea — Sci-Fi Month, Spaghetti Western Month, Alfred Hitchcock Month — and just wrapping this all into the Movie Club as opposed to just specifying one movie.

All I’m saying, is your suggestions were heard and some exciting things are coming. If you have more suggestions please add them below as this is all for you and for us to discuss movies as a group.

The current schedule may or may not change as I may put these changes into effect sooner rather than later, but I just wanted to make sure you were up-to-date. I have big plans for 2013 and hopefully you’ll be along for the ride.

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