‘The Dark Knight’ Trilogy – Paused


With Christopher Nolan‘s Dark Knight trilogy now at a close and seeing how I offered up a “Paused” article for both Batman Begins and The Dark Knight back before The Dark Knight Rises hit theaters I felt it was only appropriate to complete the trilogy by offering a full look at the Dark Knight trilogy in still images, including 33 new screen captures from Rises.

Over the course of the next pages you will find screen captures from all three films in order as I compiled the previous “Paused” installments for The Dark Knight and added the new images from The Dark Knight Rises.

You can begin by clicking on the corresponding metaphorical logo below or just scroll to the bottom of the post and click to the Next Page to begin the journey.

In all, including the three images below, there are 85 images from the trilogy included in this retrospective. They are my favorite shots from the franchise and I hope you enjoy.

Batman Begins logo

Photo: Warner Bros.
The Dark Knight fire logo

Photo: Warner Bros.
The Dark Knight Rises - Ice

Photo: Warner Bros.

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