Q is Introduced in New ‘Skyfall’ Clip


Ben Whishaw and Daniel Craig in Skyfall

Ben Whishaw and Daniel Craig in Skyfall
Photo: Columbia Pictures / MGM

Skyfall hits a selection of international territories this Friday, October 26 and yes, it is okay to be jealous. I am going to attempt to close my ears to all the fanfare as I’m quite excited to see a new James Bond adventure, but have managed to only see brief glimpses of the trailers and have yet to watch a single clip. That said, guess what I have for you…

In the latest clip from the film we’re introduced to Ben Whishaw as the new MI6 Quartermaster, or, more fittingly, Q as he has what looks like a chat with Daniel Craig as James Bond over a painting.

That, however, isn’t all I have for you. If you click here you’ll be whisked away to the James Bond soundtrack page on Facebook where you can listen to ten tracks from Thomas Newman’s score for the film. I’m not exactly sure how long they run in total or if they simply add up to the six-minute sample I previewed earlier, but it’s there if you’re up for the listen and you can also [amazon asin=”B009FBX5M0″ text=”preorder the soundtrack”], which arrives in stores on November 6, three days before the film hits theaters here in the States.

Now here’s that clip…