‘Paranormal Activity 4’ Clip Introduces ‘Creepy’ Robbie


Brady Allen in Paranormal Activity 4

Brady Allen in Paranormal Activity 4
Photo: Paramount Pictures

I ended up watching this brief teaser promoting Paranormal Activity 4 and it’s the first one I’ve watched so cut me some slack if previous trailers have introduced Robbie (Brady Allen) who apparently is a new kid that moved in across the street and, according to the trailer, “so creepy.” Not sure what that means for the film, but word out of Fantastic Fest after a work print screened is that this is the most violent of the franchise yet, but also doesn’t really deal with the mythology built in the first three enough.

The film just received its R rating for “language and some violence/terror” and it will be hitting theaters on October 19 although you can get a screening in your city early if you “Want It” over at the official site. I “wanted” it for Seattle, but we’re down at #95 on the list and only the top 25 cities get to “see it first.” Guess I’m outta luck.

Here’s the new clip / trailer / whatever…