‘Indiana Jones’, Fincher’s ‘The Game’ and ‘Cabin in the Woods’ On DVD and Blu-ray This Week


This Week On DVD and Blu-ray: September 18, 2012

In advance of the upcoming October 11 release of Prometheus on Blu-ray and DVD, Amazon released the film on HD today for $14.99. You can order it [amazon asin=”B009AJDDQU” text=”right here”] if you just can’t wait. It’s also available on CinemaNow, Google Play, iTunes, PlayStation, VUDU, Xbox Live and YouTube. Otherwise, go ahead and preorder the [amazon asin=”B005LAIHXQ” text=”DVD”] or [amazon asin=”B005LAIHY0″ text=”Blu-ray”]. Now let’s see what else is arriving this week in physical media…

Indiana Jones: The Complete Adventures
Indiana Jones: The Complete Adventures on DVD Blu-ray today
The week’s top pick is clearly the Indiana Jones Blu-ray collection, which I did have the time to watch the first three films and they all look and sound great. The only complaint I actually have has to do with the supplemental material, which is all pretty good, but none of it is “new”. Based on the material they have they could have created four all-new documentaries for each film and then included everything else they have on the disc as “archival features”. It seems to me the newest material is from 2008, when Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull was released. Nevertheless, the content is solid for those of you that haven’t seen it, with tons of behind-the-scenes looks at the making of all four films.

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The Game (Criterion Collection)
The Game (Criterion Collection)
I received this only last night so I have only had a chance to drool over the special features which include an audio commentary with David Fincher, director of photography Harris Savides, actor Michael Douglas, screenwriters John Brancato and Michael Ferris, digital animation supervisor Richard “Dr.” Baily, production designer Jeffrey Beecroft and visual effects supervisor Kevin Haug. I hope to do an audio commentary features as I did for Fincher’s The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo commentary (read that here). The only thing that sort of sucks is that I don’t have the ability to take Blu-ray screen captures so it might not be as visually interesting.

The release also includes an hour’s worth of exclusive behind-the-scenes footage, film-to-storyboard comparisons for four of the film’s major set pieces with commentary and an alternate ending. I really can’t wait to give it a look.

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The Cabin in the Woods
The Cabin in the Woods on DVD Blu-ray today
I wasn’t as big a fan as most when it comes to The Cabin in the Woods (my review) and it’s certainly not a film I have all that much interest in seeing it again, but I have a feeling there’s a large group that is and I can’t help but wonder what kind of following this film may find on DVD and Blu-ray.

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The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel
The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel on DVD Blu-ray today
This is a movie I feel I need to see as it very well could become an Oscar contender after taking in over $131 million worldwide. Most of its Oscar chances are probably in the acting realm, and most likely as fourth and fifth slot contenders, but the movie is supposed to be pretty good in its own right so it couldn’t hurt to give it a watch either way.

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Chico & Rita
Chico & Rita on DVD Blu-ray today
Nominated for Best Animated feature last year, there was a lot of good buzz surrounding Chico & Rita and I’ve been meaning to watch the copy I recently received as I never had an opportunity to watch it last year.

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Hysteria on DVD Blu-ray today
I saw this one in Toronto last year and wasn’t all that impressed with any of it outside of Rupert Everett’s performance as Edmund St. John-Smythe, which I’d say is probably worth giving the film a watch now that it’s on home video.

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Katy Perry: Part of Me
Katy Perry: Part of Me on DVD Blu-ray today
Uh, I guess you can watch this if you’re interested. I’m not.

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The Do-Deca-Pentathlon
The Do-Deca-Pentathlon on DVD Blu-ray today
A decent movie that I saw at the Seattle Film Festival earlier this year and posted a short capsule review in which I called it “no more than a perfect film for a Sunday afternoon at home on the couch”. Looks like its moment has arrived.

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