Check Out a New International Poster for ‘The Bourne Legacy’


We are finally getting into territory where a pair of my most anticipated summer films are upon us. Of course, there’s The Dark Knight Rises, but the ever-approaching release date of The Bourne Legacy has caused me to get more and more excited for its August 10 arrival.

Tonight we have the newest piece of art from the film in the form of an international poster featuring Jeremy Renner as the film’s lead, Aaron Cross, running across the rooftops. This fourth film will expand on the events in the first three as its revealed more than just the amnesia-stricken Jason Bourne was causing havoc inside the Treadstone ranks, though all this havoc does come as a result of Bourne.

Check out this new poster below and tell me, do you have high hopes for The Bourne Legacy?

The Bourne Legacy international poster

Photo: Universal Pictures

[via IMPAwards]