Elder Engineer from ‘Prometheus’ Deleted Scenes Revealed


Concept art from Prometheus: The Art of the Film

Concept art from “Prometheus: The Art of the Film”

If you read my Prometheus Forum) we have the following image that shows what the Elder Engineer (played by Matthew Rook) actually looked like.

Scott has already said there will be upwards of 28 minutes of deleted scenes on the Prometheus Blu-ray (pre-order it here) and Darwin Shaw, who plays one of the Engineers seen later in the film, commented on Twitter saying, “You’ll have to wait for the Directors cut for the full opening scene!”

Personally, I can’t wait to see how the full scene plays out and would love to see an extended cut with all the additional footage added back in, but at this time the comments from Scott lead me to believe they’ll only be available as deleted scenes… probably so they can put out an extended cut in a year or so and take even more of our money.

So check out the new pic below and browse a TON more right here. Also, if you haven’t yet added your Prometheus theory to our lengthy discussion of the film, do so right here.

Elder Engineer Prometheus

Matthew Rook and Daniel Twiss in Prometheus
Photo: Conor O’Sullivan’s Facebook / 20th Century Fox