Is Tyler Perry Still Box-Office Gold?


Tyler Perry's Madea's Witness ProtectionWith the upcoming release of Tyler Perry‘s Madea’s Witness Protection I was beginning to consider Perry’s box office presence. Madea’s Big Happy Family faltered at the box-office compared to the two that came before it, but beyond just one select title, let’s take a look at previous installments.

In 2006 Madea’s Family Reunion was made on a reported budget of $6 million. It made $63.3 million worldwide, which would end up netting $48.3 million. Good money. In 2009 Madea Goes to Jail was made for $17.5 million and made $90.5 million, which nets $46.75 million. A small dip, but still solid returns. Then last year, Madea’s Big Happy Family was made for a reported $25 million and ended up making $53.3 million for a net loss of $9.2 million. Not good.

Then I looked at his most recent film, Good Deeds, which was made for a reported $32 million and only brought in $34.9 million earlier this year. What gives? I thought Tyler Perry was box-office gold, but based on these numbers there’s a shift in the wind.

I don’t have any budgetary information on Madea’s Witness Protection just yet, but is it possible the slide could continue? Releasing on June 29, Madea’s Witness Protection‘s faces off against G.I. Joe: Retaliation and Magic Mike, so it’s not likely to be #1 at the box-office, a position Perry’s films used to pretty much guaranteed. Will it be forgotten in the summer hub-bub or will Perry in a fat suit opposite Eugene Levy be just what audiences are looking for?

Poster for Madea's Witness Protection

Photo: Lionsgate