Top 15 Most Anticipated Summer 2012 Movies


2012 Summer Movie Preview

The Summer 2012 Movie Season is here with Marvel’s The Avengers getting things off to a good start and considering I’ve already seen that movie, and reviewed it (read that here), I decided I would leave it off this list. So, I guess, this is my Top 15 Most Anticipated Summer 2012 Movies… excluding The Avengers.

However, along with The Avengers, there are three other films I’ve already seen and reviewed that are also hitting theaters this summer that I thought I would mention before we get started.

The Avengers posterThe Avengers (May 4)


WHAT’S IT ABOUT: Superheroes teaming up to defeat an alien god flanked by an alien army that really likes blowing up cars.

REVIEW QUOTE: “When it comes to grandiose summer blockbuster spectacle this is the kind of movie you want to see.” (Read the full review here)

Polisse posterPolisse (May 18)

SHOULD YOU SEE IT? Definitely!

WHAT’S IT ABOUT: A story exploring the lives of the people that make up the French police’s Child Protective Unit (CPU)

REVIEW QUOTE:Polisse is an ‘in the trenches’ success that is occasionally tough to watch as much as it is enriching, fascinating and entertaining.” (Read the full review here)

Hysteria posterHysteria (May 18)

SHOULD YOU SEE IT? Eh, a rental should suffice.

WHAT’S IT ABOUT: A romantic comedy revolving around the invention of the vibrator.

REVIEW QUOTE: “At only 95 minutes it seems a little long as the vibrator storyline slowly becomes secondary to the film’s actual purpose, but it’s satisfying enough to warrant a weekend video rental or perhaps even a matinee.” (Read the full review here)

Easy Money posterEasy Money (July 11)

SHOULD YOU SEE IT? Yeah, it’s pretty solid and will soon be remade. Not to mention its star, Joel Kinnaman (“The Killing”), will soon be playing the lead role in the RoboCop remake.

WHAT’S IT ABOUT: A young business student drawn to the finer things in life is looking for a shortcut to becoming one of Stockholm’s elite.

REVIEW QUOTE: “It’s easy to see how [director Daniel] Espinosa (Safe House) became such a hot commodity considering the talent on display here. While Easy Money isn’t perfect in juggling its three-tiered story, there is no denying the tension involved throughout as we watch JW’s urge to become one of the elite turn him into something else entirely” (Read the full review here)

Outside of what I said above, and I’ve mentioned it before, I want to reiterate how much I believe Polisse is a film you should check out. Not only is it good, it was nominated for 13 Cesar Awards (France’s version of the Oscars), tying the most nominations ever, and eventually won two for best female newcomer (Naidra Ayadi) and editing. And, yes, The Avengers is a perfect kick-start to the summer movie season. An actual grandiose summer blockbuster that delivers.

I also saw Virginia, but I didn’t review it and I didn’t like it so there really isn’t much more I prefer to say about it.

Now with those out of the way, let’s continue on and see what else this summer has to offer over the course of the next three pages…

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