‘The Dark Knight Rises’ Goes Big with Over an Hour of IMAX Footage


Dark Knight Rises IMAXFirst for a small bit of news from Nolan Fans that reports a new trailer for The Dark Knight Rises will play in front of The Avengers when it hits theaters on May 4. The news comes from a password protected WB exhibitor site and says the trailer will be playing in front of all formats of Avengers screenings, including IMAX, which is where we have some additional news.

When Nolan opened The Dark Knight with the massive IMAX shot of the city of Gotham the effect IMAX could have on a film was immediately realized. Nearly 30 minutes of that film was shot in IMAX, and a new report from The Wall Street Journal brings word The Dark Knight Rises is going even bigger.

Back in December, when the prologue to The Dark Knight Rises was playing in theaters in front of IMAX screenings of Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol it was thought there would be anywhere from 40-50 minutes of IMAX footage in the film, Now it is said The Dark Knight Rises “will contain the most IMAX footage ever for a Hollywood feature, more than one hour’s worth.”

Quoted in the WSJ piece, Nolan says, “I remember looking at the audience every time a helicopter banked, and everyone was leaning slightly to the side… I had never seen an audience so immersed in a film.”

The Dark Knight Rises hits theaters on July 20. If you haven’t yet seen the current trailer you can check it out below and pretty soon I’ll have a new one to share with you, so stay tuned.