Weaving Not Quite Back Yet for Hobbit


Last Friday, director Guillermo del Toro announced on BBC Radio 5’s Simon Mayo that Hugo Weaving will reunite with Andy Serkis and Ian McKellen in The Hobbit “…as the roles they originated in the trilogy.”

Weaving told Moviehole today that he’s interested in returning as Elrond, but that he hasn’t been spoken to yet.

“I knew that if and when it happened I’d get a call and we’d chat about it, but I haven’t spoken to anyone about it. Someone said to me ‘I hear you’re doing the Hobbit?’ I said ‘Well, um, probably’, they said “No, no. you’ve signed on’. I haven’t actually talked to anyone about it. Doesn’t mean I won’t be doing it, [I’m] just not onboard yet.”

You can read more of his quotes here. The first of the two films is scheduled to be released in December of 2011 followed by the second in December of 2012.