What a Disney, Pixar and Marvel Future Could Look Like

Photo: Victor Hugo

The interesting thing about the photo above is the question brought to life by JoBlo‘s Alejandro Stepenberg who saw the image, which was created by 25 year-old Brazilian 3D artist Victor Hugo, and wondered if this was what the future could possibly hold should Disney’s purchase of Marvel lead to a Pixar animated film featuring Marvel’s world of superheroes. It’s an interesting idea and a fantastic piece of CG imagery so I figured I’d give it some space.

Over on Hugo’s blog he writes about the process of creating the image saying:

So, I can’t believe that I’ve finished this one! hahaha! The original idea was to reproduce one of the “Armor Wars” cover, but it looks that I’ve changed a little my mind during the project. This one was a awesome challenge, because I’ve never modeled a car and neither an Iron Man armor (ok, I didn’t modeled exactly the movie armor, but something, ahn… “between”). Another good challenge was to give some tries on 3ds max Hair and Fur — and damn, it is quite impressive!

Not being a comic book guy myself I personally would be interested in seeing what a Pixar adaptation of the material would look like, but Pixar is primarily known for their original features, not for adapting other works of fiction into a film so I’ll bring the question to you…

Would you like to see a Pixar film bringing Marvel’s characters to life? Perhaps as the inspiration for some of their future short films, or would you like to see an entire feature film?

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