Top Five Moments from the 2012 Oscars


Cirque du Soleil performs at the 2012 Oscars
Photo: AMPAS

Considering my lack of enthusiasm heading into the 2012 Oscars, I’m actually surprised I can come up with a list of five favorite moments. In fact had the Academy officially released clips from their show on YouTube it would have not only made this process easier, but I probably would have been able to deliver a top ten. As it is, I had to rummage around the Internet just to find the clips I found.

Now, before I get into the top five I wanted to point out the video to the right. I didn’t include any speeches from last night in the top five, but felt I couldn’t leave out the one that was the most heartfelt and genuine. Octavia Spencer‘s reaction and speech was, without a doubt the best of the night. A runner up would probably be Jean Dujardin, but I wasn’t so moved I felt I needed to include it here.

So let’s move on to the more entertaining bits. I would have included Billy Crystal‘s “What are they thinking?” piece, which was one of his better moments of the night, but I couldn’t find it online, and I almost included Robert Downey Jr. and Gwyneth Paltrow, but it didn’t quite make the cut (you can watch that here if you like).

What did make the cut, let’s have a look, and I’m sorry for my international readers if a couple of these aren’t able to be viewed outside the United States, don’t blame me… I tried.

Will Ferrell and Zach Galifianakis

Zach Galifianakis banging cymbals in Brad Pitt‘s face, close enough to make his hair blow back and the fact Pitt laughs through it with Angelina Jolie is the main reason this one makes it.

Emma Stone and Ben Stiller

I thought Emma Stone was great last night. The bit went on a little too long but it was one of the few moments that actually made me laugh.

Cirque du Soleil

This was one of the few moments I was able to get up during the show and walk around. I didn’t have to do a live blog post or make sure I added a winner to the database so I missed the Cirque du Soleil performance until just this morning and on top of how amazing these performers are, even better is the fact they kept it to a tight and short performance. So often something like this can overstay its welcome, but they really delivered.

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