Fivesome Joins Disney Comedy You Again


Jamie Lee Curtis, Kristin Chenoweth, Odette Yustman, Victor Garber and Betty White have joined the cast of the Disney comedy You Again. They join Kristen Bell and Sigourney Weaver in the Andy Fickman-directed film.

The storyline centers on a woman (Bell) who finds out that her brother is planning to marry the girl who made her high school years a living hell and tries to convince him that his fiancee is not the nice girl she pretends to be.

Curtis and Garber will play Bell’s parents, and White will play her grandmother. (Weaver is her rich Aunt Ramona.) Chenoweth plays “a wedding extraordinator.” Yustman plays Bell’s nemesis.

Moe Jelline wrote the screenplay for the film, which starts shooting in late summer in Los Angeles.