Poster Round-Up: Two for ‘Tintin,’ French ‘Hugo,’ Bulgarian ‘Trespass’ Brilliance and Many More


Brand new movie posters

I’ve got eleven new posters for you to browse from all corners of the globe for films of all genres.

I’ve got two posters from The Adventures of Tintin, a New York Comic Con poster for Red Tails, the first domestic poster for William Monahan’s London Boulevard, an IMAX poster for Puss in Boots, a French poster for Martin Scorsese’s Hugo and a brilliantly awful Bulgarian poster for Trespass.

After that there’s a poster for the recently released Texas Killing Fields, a French poster for Jean-Jacques Annaud’s Black Gold, a UK quad for the Toronto horror acquisition The Awakening and the first poster for Disney’s release of Studio Gibli’s Arrietty.

You can check out each using the thumbnails below and I’ve added comments on all of them

Unless otherwise noted, all posters came from IMPAwards.