Hollywood Assistants Get Sneak Peek at The Proposal


Hollywood assistants from top talent agencies like CAA and ICM came out in large numbers last night to see an advance screening of Touchstone Pictures’ The Proposal, which stars Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds. Reynolds hosted the “guy’s night out” event that Disney put together as a way for people to see the romantic comedy who aren’t the usual chick flick audience.

In the film, Ryan Reynolds finds out first-hand what it’s like to work for a overly demanding boss and when he introduced the movie, he addressed the jammed-packed theater of agents in training saying he now knows what it’s like to have to get your superior the right temperature latte and was nothing but sympathetic to the demands put on them.

While it may have been boys’ night out for most of the male dominated crowd, my friends and I made a night out of the event as well and were rather amused by how many guys turned out to see the romantic comedy. Throughout the movie, we heard the theater roar with laughter and saw people cringe like they understood all too well when Bullocks would persecute and torture Reynolds in the movie.

Afterwards, my friends and I gathered in the lobby with some of the other moviegoers and listened to the guys’ reactions, which were actually somewhat surprising. They liked the movie and said they would go back to see it with their significant others. I heard one assistant saying his favorite parts were scenes featuring Betty White and another guy laughing about how he loved Sandra Bullock “busting a move” in the movie.

The Proposal hits theates on June 19.