This Week On DVD and Blu-ray: April 5, 2011


Taxi Driver (35th Anniversary Edition)
I could have sworn I requested a copy of this one, but it would seem I did not. Too bad, because I hear it is an excellent transfer, which tells me it’s meaty and chewy with every texture of film you would want and expect from a high definition transfer of this classic. This is a film I didn’t immediately like when I first saw it, but I discussed all this before when I reviewed the 2007 edition of this flick. I’m not sure if it’s a film I necessarily need to own on Blu-ray, but at $12.99 at Amazon I am seriously considering buying this one right now and suggest if you are thinking the same thing you hit the Buy Now button before the price goes up.
Buy Taxi Driver (35th Anniversary Edition)
I Love You Phillip Morris
This is a decent movie with a pair of great performances by Jim Carrey and Ewan McGregor, but as I said in my theatrical review, it’s “half of a good movie told twice.” You can read my review right here for my thoughts, but a quick suggestion would be rent it.
Buy I Love You Phillip Morris
The Chronicles Of Narnia: The Voyage Of The Dawn Treader
Releases Friday, April 8
This one doesn’t hit shelves until Friday, but I’m not going to do a special edition of this column so you get my thoughts on it now. Those thoughts… it’s probably the best of the three, but is that really saying all that much? I didn’t mind the first two films when I first saw them, but can’t stand to sit through them now. One big benefit to Dawn Treader is the fact it’s under two hours long, while the other two were over-stuffed with what felt like an attempt to be epic, rather than actually being epic. I’m not sure I’ll ever watch this film again, but I would say seeing it once is a satisfying experience.
TRON: Legacy
This thing is available in about a 100 different formats. You can buy it on DVD, on Blu-ray, on 3D Blu-ray, with the original Tron on Blu-ray or in a massive special edition pack with toy packaging and what not. My suggestion, ignore it outright. It’s not a very good movie and the only way to see it was in theaters. That time has passed. If you want the best of TRON: Legacy just wait until someone uploads the light cycle sequence to YouTube and buy the Daft Punk score and you’ll be set.
Buy TRON: Legacy (Five-Disc Combo)
Little Fockers
You will never get me to watch this. If it’s up your alley, have at it. I’m not interested.
Buy Little Fockers
Casino Jack
I want to watch this, but I just haven’t yet. I’m not expecting much, but it looks like it could be mildly entertaining.
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